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You sir are a god

This was definatly your most action packed toon thus far. I loved it. I am a big fan of your work.

you are a god

I freaken love this cartoon, I cant express in words how awesome it is. It kind of reminds me of a dalli painting

i dont like to use the word love

but I loved this cartoon. its bueatifull. the style, its awesome. amazing. im running out of vocabulary. anyways this is going on my favorites as number 1. good job


one of the best ive seen. i really liked the northern lights at the end. and the snow was good, it was awesome!

love it

its awesome, great everything

great stuff

that was awesome! i lafed. and if anyone gets offended they should lighten up. and u made it in 6 days thats amazing, makes me feel verry untalented :-P

i love it

this is like the tenth time ive watched, and decided to review it, cant think of anything bad to say, cept u need to make more cartoons!


I beat it, I beat it, i feel smart :-) it took me 3 tries. good game, good job, good good good.


I loved it, I loved all the diffrent styles, and the way u incorperated all the diffrent styles, and it was verry good. I am jelouse or ur talent. this is going on the favs.


that was cool, but flash isnt that great with 3d, im sure it looks alot better in a diff. format, u should have somewere to download it in a diff format, n it was short, heh, it wount run that great on my comp cause my comp sux, n lots of peoples comps. sux

snapper0505 responds:

oh...sucks...well, the alternate file was 151 megs, so i dont really have anyplace to upload it to.

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